Y.E.S. Connecting through Communication

Take Your Connections to the Next Level


Y.E.S. Connecting through Communication combines communications skills development and self-enrichment activities into a 4-day immersive retreat. Participants will leave the retreat with the tools to communicate effectively, successfully manage conflict and take their interactions to the next level at home and work.


At work or home, if you try your best but acknowledge that you would like to improve the quality and effectiveness of your daily conversations, then this program is likely for you.

If you feel that your conversations turn into roadblocks to progress, or someone is simply not “listening” to you, or that you are being misunderstood, or even that your relationship connection is breaking down then this retreat is definitely for you.  


We create a safe space for participants to share their story, and explore their relationship challenges and opportunities. You will learn how to process power dynamics, how to unpack and prioritize topics within a conversation, and how to use the Cooperative Contract to create lasting change in your personal and business connections & relationships. Topics covered include:

  • Communications & conflict

  • Power dynamics

  • Your personality style

  • Cooperative contract

  • Non-verbal communication

  • Self-care practices

Around these topics, the program provides individual and group coaching, small group sharing and individual & group exercises. These activities will lead to actionable steps participants can take to improve their relationships and connections upon their return home.

To maintain the highest level of service, prior to the retreat, pre-work will be required, along with a scheduled “get to know you” call. During the retreat program, to maintain a healthy body, mind & spirit balance there will be daily yoga or meditation, one complimentary massage, and time for local activities and sightseeing. Our service extends to a post-retreat follow-up session.

Are you on the path of self-improvement?

Would you like to share this journey with like minded souls?

Would you like to combine a luxury vacation with a transformative self-enrichment program?

This retreat is for you. 


This life changing 4 day, 5 night all-inclusive program for individuals is offered at select locations during the year. If you would like advance notice of availability of this program on our upcoming retreat schedules..  feel free to contact us.