Torin lee

Torin brings 20+ years of coaching, corporate communication, training and business experience to the team. She holds degrees in political science & sociology and has studied psychology, coaching, leadership and organizational development. Torin is also a certified Skills for Change coach and a Reiki Master.  A global citizen, Torin has worked with Fortune 500 business leaders, executive teams, couples and individuals, motivating and inspiring them to create a passion-driven life. In her leisure time, Torin enjoys travel, reading, sailing, hiking, volunteering and spending time with her partner, friends, and family.

IAN_Headshot 2017.jpg

Ian Ramsden

Ian has 25+ years of engineering, marketing, business management, consultancy and strategy & planning experience across two continents and multiple markets & industries. He has successfully grown two in-house businesses and was CEO of a semiconductor startup. Following a sabbatical, he has more recently brought his intuitive marketing, and analytical business & strategy planning skills to the aid of several small businesses. He is highly motivated to inspire the success of those who are following their passion. Ian, originally from the U.K., is well traveled and values his partner, family, sailing, photography, acting & directing, music production and travel.

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venita mclemore

Venita’s professional experience encompasses many years of multi-disciplinary operational and organizational experiences in Fortune 500 operations management. These experiences include extensive planning, managing and executing multiple events & projects,  detailed international and domestic travel planning, and working closely with management for all aspects of operational support.